Private: Coaching

When you engage in a professional coaching relationship, you create something unique – where you bring your raw talents and desires and then you invite someone wise to walk alongside you, never challenging you too much or too little, but just enough so that you stretch and grow and end up loving who you become as a result.

I have been privileged to be on the receiving end of some top-notch coaching. It has changed my career trajectory, increased my income 6x, and even positively impacted my social circle. These were all places I wanted to go myself; my coaches helped me get there with less pain and time and money than it would have taken to do it solo.

If you have some goals for your business or life, why don’t you give coaching a try? I am accredited by the International Coaching Association.

Good coaches are both creative and resourceful. One of the areas I try to exercise creativity is in my occasional utilization of dogs and horses in the coaching process. Horses act like mirrors to people’s emotional states. Because of this, they make excellent co-coaches. When the weather permits, I can arrange to utilize my horses in either a coaching session. It is truly a unique experience.

A session at the arena

Private: Therapy

addition to my team
Solas is an awesome addition to my team. He engages as much or as little as you want.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and an accredited coach (via the international coaching association), my goal is to help you create space that will allow you to identify and work toward your preferred self.

I enjoy working with highly motivated business owners or executives, those in academia, and those in mid-life change exploration. I specialize in trauma, crisis of faith, and transitions, either chosen or forced.

My job is to bring creativity, empathy, EMDR, and animal co-therapists/ coaches to the table.

Yours is to bring honesty, hard work, and courage. : )

If you or your organization feel I might be a good fit for the changes you are desiring, please set up a free 10 min consultation with me. I would love to explore working with you!!

My office is part of the North Logan Therapy Associates: 186 E 1800 N, North Logan, Utah. I am there by appointment only. I also work extensively with people on the phone if you are not local.



Sometimes, you have something in your background that is keeping you from experiencing you’re preferred life. Often, this gunk in the background started as some form of trauma; then your brain said,”Move along now, we’re pretty much done with that.” Except that you actually aren’t. It still shows up from time to time. Or all …